Experience and Support
For over 30 years, Charlton has been foaling mares in Pennsylvania. In 2005, 60 mares –representing owners from 20 states and foreign countries – delivered foals at Charlton. We have experience with all of the situations that can arise during those late-night events. Charlton's proximity to New Bolton Center and the veterinarians of Unionville Equine Associates guarantee that mares and their foals receive state-of-the-art care during this critical period in the life of your bloodstock.

The Benefits of Foaling in Pennsylvania
In order to participate in the rich Pennsylvania Breeding Fund program, mares must foal in Pennsylvania and fulfill certain residency requirements. Mares foaling at Charlton can fulfill their residency requirements before foaling as there is no “breed back” requirement in Pennsylvania. Click here to learn more about the program's residency requirements.